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This site contains kits and information to help pro per litigants.

The site is a work in progress based on requests from users.  Browse through the site as it is created and send us your comments and requests.

If you are looking for something specific, send us a text message (661)Justice (587-8423).  If what you are looking for is on our list of planned content, we will try to add it for you.

Find more help on these pages:

If you have a paralegal service that provides assistance throughout the state, send us an e-mail about your service and we will add your site here for free if you meet our criteria:

  • Paralegal fees must be equal to or less than the fees typically charged for similar services
  • The paralegal must have more than ten years experience
  • You agree to give a 10% discount to any clients who mention this site when retaining you
  • You provide a link back to this site

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