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New edition of California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine for 2019!

Click to buy your copy for only $75. Tax, shipping, and handling included.


Motions in limine for use in California criminal trials. This edition by Victor VeVea and Roger Lampkin is more than 50% longer than the last edition. Trials are often won or lost before the first witness is sworn. Motions in limine are used to keep bad evidence out of trial, bring good evidence into trial, and control the atmosphere and order of a trial. A great advantage of such motions is to avoid the obviously futile attempt to “unring the bell” after the jury has already heard bad evidence and been instructed to disregard it.

Praise for the book:

“Attorneys (novice and experienced), defendants, legal assistants, and anyone connected to those accused of a crime should have this excellent book. Read it; refer to it, and use it as your handbook and bible. I am pleased to contribute to this book knowing of its significant benefit to defendants. It empowers you to understand complicated issues in criminal cases.” ~Defense Attorney Joe Whittington –

“Criminal defense trial attorneys need a strong motion in limine practice to control the floodgates of prejudicial evidence prosecutors seek to admit at trial. This book is a great place to start for the novice and experienced practitioner alike.” ~Trial Attorney T. Alan Rogers

“Actually, this is as good as I’ve seen it regarding federalizing objections… you put a lot of effort into this… and you are trying to be specific, so I think that’s good…” ~Judicial comments at trial in People v. Xavier Harris

“Great motions in limine, such as those you’ll find in this book, can help level the playing field and get your client a fair trial.” ~George A. Boyle –

“Excellent source of trial motions. These motions are well written and thoroughly researched. I use this book for EVERY trial!” ~Attorney David Faulkner –

“I have used these motions in limine in many trials to my clients’ advantage. They are accurate, persuasive, and compelling.” ~Trial Attorney Bill Slocumb –


Looking for the electronic version of California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine, 3rd Edition?

Answer a few simple questions, pay a small fee ($100), and we will create a completely customized set of pleadings from California Criminal Defense Motions in Limine, Third Edition. Each pleading will be in its own Microsoft Word file and will have customized heading information as well as your name on the signature line. The completed pleadings will be sent to you via Google Drive. Most orders are fulfilled in just a day or two, but please wait at least a week before calling because these are completely custom pleadings that are edited one set at a time to your specifications.

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