New RO – No Children

Required Forms

  • clets001   Confidential CLETS Information – file with the court, but do not serve on the opposing party
  • dv109   Notice of Court Hearing – the court will assign a hearing date
  • dv110   Temporary Restraining Order
  • dv100   Request for Restraining Order
  • dv101     Description of Abuse
  • dv200     Proof of Personal Service
  • dv120info   Information sheet for the opposing party
  • dv120     Blank form for opposing party – don’t fill this out

Many courts also have a local form that is used to establish that the matter is being brought in the correct courthouse, to designate the proper police agency, to establish whether an interpreter is needed, etc.  If the court where you file your papers has such a form, it is generally very short and can be completed at the clerk’s counter when filing the package of other required forms.

Instructional Forms

  • dv500info     Can a Domestic Violence Restraining Order Help Me?
  • dv505info     How Do I Ask For a Temporary Restraining Order?
  • dv520info     Get Ready for the Restraining Order Hearing
  • dv530info     How to Enforce Your Restraining Order
  • dv200info     What is “Proof of Personal Service”?