Surrender Firearms

With few exceptions, a person subject to a domestic violence restraining order may not own or possess any firearms.  The restrained person must immediately surrender any firearms to law enforcement or store the firearms with a licensed gun dealer and file a receipt with the court within 48 hours of being served a restraining order.  If the firearms are stored with law enforcement, the restrained person may experience great difficulty in recovering the firearms once the restraining order is terminated.

Use this form to report the surrender of firearms: dv800

These are the official instructions for the form: dv800info

A restrained person who may be except should first surrender his firearms and then request an exemption on his reply to request for restraining order.  Exceptions to the firearms surrender requirements are found in Family Code 6389(h):

The court may, as part of the relinquishment order, grant an
exemption from the relinquishment requirements of this section for a
particular firearm if the respondent can show that a particular
firearm is necessary as a condition of continued employment and that
the current employer is unable to reassign the respondent to another
position where a firearm is unnecessary. If an exemption is granted
pursuant to this subdivision, the order shall provide that the
firearm shall be in the physical possession of the respondent only
during scheduled work hours and during travel to and from his or her
place of employment. In any case involving a peace officer who as a
condition of employment and whose personal safety depends on the
ability to carry a firearm, a court may allow the peace officer to
continue to carry a firearm, either on duty or off duty, if the court
finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the officer does not
pose a threat of harm. Prior to making this finding, the court shall
require a mandatory psychological evaluation of the peace officer
and may require the peace officer to enter into counseling or other
remedial treatment program to deal with any propensity for domestic